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  • When filming the pilot for Pretty Little Liars, Sasha was only 12 years old
  • Although some websites list Sasha’s full name as ‘Sasha Embeth Pieterse’ she does not actually have a middle name.
  • Sasha has been home-schooled throughout her life and graduated at 14 as school was restricting her career as she had to spend a certain number of hours in school a day which made it difficult for her to book jobs.
  • Sasha got her start in the business at the age of 4 and starred in many national commercials and print ads.
  • Sasha has created her own jewelry line named ‘Rigid Creations’ which featured ‘funky jewelry’ consisting of chunky jewelry and earrings with feathers.
  • Sasha originally auditioned for the part of ‘Hanna’ on Pretty Little Liars
  • Sasha starred in a movie alongside Taylor Lautner (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl) back in 2004 and they were good childhood friends
  • Sasha was one of House M.D’s leads Lisa Edelstein’s favourite guest stars on the show as she was very impressed that at her age, Sasha (9 years old) could play a character with such depth.
  • Sasha loves animals and has had a Pekingnese dog named Precious, a Persian cat named Pasha and a fish named Crystal in the past.
  • Sasha is very creative and is a fan of interior and exterior design.
  • Her current manager is Blake Lively’s mom.